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1. I needed to join Cygwin and Total Commander in a way that on given source location I can open Cygwin by pressing one button. The solution turned out to be nontrivial.

You need to add

to command and 
--login -i -c "cd \"%P\\\\";bash"
to parameters. The trick is %P contains path to source with \ at the end. But in this context \ is special character that must be escaped. But it must be escaped once because we are in -c, and twice because we are in cd “…”. So in facat we need %P\\\. With 3 backslashes because one is already in %P


  1. Michał Stanisław Wójcik2012-11-14 09:57:00

    Wait, that explanation couldn’t be right. %P includes backslashes anyway!

    But in fact \”%P\” doesn’t work at all, and the line mentioned in the above text works fine. So what is the reason?

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